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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Check out this huge, terrifying robot karate kid

MailOnline - 11.10.14 by Mark Prigg

The robo karate kid! Terrifying two legged giant robot being developed by Google learns to stand on one leg - and recreates scene from cult film
For fans of the cult film the Karate Kid, it is a familiar pose.

However, in the latest video from the US military team developing a two legged fighting robot, the buildup to 'crane kick' is seen in a new way.

The researchers taught the robot to stand on one leg - recreating a key scene from the film in the process.

The Atlas robot created by Google-owned firm Boston Dynamics is a formidable figure at 6ft 2in tall and weighing in at 330lb.

The robot boasts 28 hydraulically actuated joints and stereo vision, and is one of the most advanced robots ever created.

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