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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Why are people so gullible? Choosing magic over physics.

Newton Blog - 11.17.13 by  Alex B. Berezow

Finally, the credulous reporter gets the help of a water diviner. Together, hand-in-hand, they use a divining rod to detect the presence of a water current under the ground. Indeed, the water diviner senses something. Exactly what, nobody knows. But this magical place gives him a headache, and he cautioned that if anybody built a house in the area, they would be dead within a year. Real estate agents, you've been warned.
Many Americans think of Europe as something of a magical realm. The food is tastier, the people are sexier, and some parts of Poland don't experience gravity. Wait, what?

European Journal, a fairly good television program produced by DW-TV, investigated what looks to be an "anti-gravity" spot in Poland. (See video beginning at the 21:00 mark.) On a road out in the Polish countryside, things appear to roll uphill, including bottles of water and even entire cars. What's going on? The people of Europe demand an answer for this very strange physical phenomenon.

Now, bear in mind that European Journal recently reported that radio waves were causing cancer in Sicily, so our expectations for the program's scientific acumen shouldn't be terribly high.

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