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Sunday, November 10, 2013

The End of Rush Hour Traffic?

Motherboard - 11.07.13 by Meghan Neal

Even beyond that, the fast-approaching internet of things could mean a networked infrastructure sending a torrent of real-time data that knows where the next stop sign is, when the light up ahead will turn green, that the truck five cars in front of you just slammed on his breaks. Suddenly a little geolocation app seems oversimple even, but it's a start.
It's probably safe to say that in the near future, all cars will have some sort of GPS system, right? Which means theoretically, a technology that's tracking the location of every vehicle on a certain road or even town should be able to use that data to manage the traffic and avoid jam-ups. Like air traffic control, but for highways.

Soon, researchers in the Netherlands will put that theoretical scenario to a test. A team from the Dutch IT firm Technolution is developing a GPS navigation system that tells drivers what lane to move into and when, and how fast to drive, so that traffic is dispersed as efficiently as possible to avoid congestion.

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