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Sunday, October 06, 2013

Data-Driven Soldiers and the Future of War

Motherboard by Brian Anderson

Each shooter with a smart rifle also has the opportunity with multi-tag feature to simultaneously track multiple targets at multiple ranges that a leader can see on his mobile device.

In the beginning, there were sticks and stones. Then came the crossbow. Then muskets. Then manned bomber planes. Now, there are killer drones, unblinking real-time surveillance apps, and a host of other smart weapons like the long-range, laser-guided robo rifle at the center of Motherboard's latest doc, Long Shot.

War changes. To wit: the Future of War, a new conceptual vision of tomorrow's so-called networked battlefield by TrackingPoint, the Texas-based smart-weapons startup behind that robo rifle. Just as GPS changed the way we thought about and waged wars at the turn of the century, TrackingPoint writes, so too are smart weapons changing the game, one in which "data is a force multiplier". Indeed, it's precisely that—data—which lays at the heart of the Future of War idea suite, with its increased command and control of multiple shooters:

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