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Sunday, March 03, 2013

Connecting Computers to your Brain, Wirelessly

Kurzweil News - 3.3.13

“This new wireless system addresses a major need for the next step in providing a practical brain-computer interface."
David A Borton et al./J. Neural Eng.

A team of neuroengineers at Brown University has developed a fully implantable and rechargeable wireless brain sensor capable of relaying real-time broadband signals from up to 100 neurons in freely moving subjects.

Several copies of the novel low-power device, described in the open-access Journal of Neural Engineering, have been performing well in animal models for more than year, a first in the brain-computer interface field.

Brain-computer interfaces could help people with severe paralysis control devices with their thoughts.

Neuroscientists can use such a device to observe, record, and analyze the signals emitted by scores of neurons in particular parts of the animal model’s brain.

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inspirational sayings said...

This is so cool! doing it through wires is crazy enough. But wirelessly? I guess the future is here =)