Documenting the Coming Singularity

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Internet-Connected Things Far Outnumber Humans - September 28, 2012 by THOMAS FREY

In much the same way that we now expect every child’s toy to talk, in the future, we will expect virtually everything we own to be connected to the Internet.

Our mushrooming “Internet of Things” is growing exponentially, and estimates of its progression vary tremendously. GSMA estimates connecting 24 billion devices by 2020, while Cisco and Ericsson think we will hit 50 billion.

Depending on a few key breakthroughs, these estimates may all be on low end, and here’s why.

Telecom carriers are primarily concerned about devices that connect directly to the Internet, but a rapidly growing category of peripheral devices are designed to connect indirectly through smartphones, home or office Wi-Fi, or other smart devices.

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Here are some of the innovations that could make this whole industry go viral.

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