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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Cyberwar Danger - Real or Hyped?

PCMAG.COM - October 12, 2012 by John C. Dvorak

We've been warned again. The USA and all its citizens are under threat of "a cyber-Pearl Harbor!" Find a desk to hide under. Look for cover. Make it a place where the whole family can meet up so you can do a head count and see who is missing.

No seriously, a cyberattack is imminent and could happen any minute!

I need to get in on some of this action by becoming a consultant.

Look, does anyone remember Y2K? That was going to end the world as we know it. This one computer glitch/anomaly was predicted to be so onerous and dangerous that ATMs were going to shut down everywhere. Computer systems would stop and nobody would be able to start them ever again. The power grid would be annihilated.

When all was said and done, some old code was patched, some wasn't. Nothing happened. Nothing at all. But a lot of consultants and book writers got rich and the whole fiasco may well have contributed to the dot-com crash because too much time, money, and effort was directed at the Y2K bug fix.

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