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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Introducing "Lean and Hard (dot com)"

By 1:46 PM
My regular readers, I ask you, have I not served you well these past many years? Have I not consistently posted good and wonderful apps that you have been able to use for fun and profit? Now that I have your attention then, allow me to introduce you to my newest blogging venture, Lean and Hard (dot com).

While some of my gutter-minded friends will snicker at the name and insist that it has a mildly pornographic connotation, I assure you that it is about physical fitness. You see, my goal in life, as far as my body is concerned, is to be both lean and hard. Meaning thin and muscular. But if some folks think it's about sex and this mistaken idea prompts them to visit, I won't be upset.

I have started blogging about my travels toward this end and offering tips, motivational ideas and what humble advice I may have to assist you if this blissful condition is already or will become your own goal. I think you'll find the blog interesting and helpful. I hope the blog will also become somewhat of a community, a place where like-minded guys and gals can share their own stories.

So, now I ask you to visit my newest blog and subscribe to our RSS feed or sign up for free email updates.