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Saturday, July 02, 2011

Wireless without limits?

Singularity & Futurism is always on the lookout for news of the next big thing. Could this be one?

Wired - June 30, 2011 by Eric Blattberg

Imagine if every mobile device had its own personal fat-pipe ethernet connection — without the CAT5 cable. That’s how Steve Perlman — inventor, entrepreneur, and CEO and founder of OnLive, the games-on-demand system — explains distributed-input-distributed-output (DIDO) technology, an experimental wireless communications system that could render cellular connections obsolete.

If a cell tower today broadcasts on channels that have a capacity of 100 megabits of bandwidth per second, and 100 people connect to that cell tower and share bandwidth equally, each person’s connection will measure roughly one megabit per second. If 1,000 people connect, each will get 100k bits per second. With DIDO wireless signals, everyone within range would get the entirety of the channel.

“I know that sounds impossible,” says Perlman, “but literally if you have a cell that has 100 megabits per second worth of bandwidth in it and you have 100 people, each person gets 100 megabits a second. It’s really pretty amazing; you don’t interfere with anybody else.”

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