Documenting the Coming Singularity

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Here You Have Email Trojan Proves We're Basically Still Stupid

Color us clueless.

In all the stories I've seen about the Here You Have email trojan, I must have missed the ones that gasped at the abject stupidity, after all our exposure to this phenomenon over the years, of the human race.

There's a telltale vagueness about these subject lines. Haven't we learned to be suspicious of that at all? Who in this age of digital savvy gets an email with the ultimate in generic subject lines "Here You Have," sees an attachment they never asked for or expected, AND THEN DOUBLE-CLICKS ON IT??? Apparently a whole lot of us.

And keep in mind, these emails didn't target the general email-using public, who we might expect to be less than brilliant when in comes to computer security issues. No, these emails went to company servers. Companies like Google, and NASA. What the heck??

This is highly discouraging to me as a futurist, I confess it.

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