Documenting the Coming Singularity

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Where computer interfaces are heading - Mobile, Screenless, Invisible

Technology Review - 8.17.10

One futurist's vision of the coming interface singularity contrasts with the reality of today's prototypes.

Reto Meier, an "Android Developer Advocate for Google" recently laid out a fairly science-fiction account of where computer (or at least mobile) interfaces are headed.

In the spirit of the best futurism, all of his predictions - from Augmented Reality eye glasses to advanced batteries - have parallels in the real world. What follows is a walk-through of the future, expressed in terms of the not quite ready for prime time discoveries coming out of labs today.

You Can Never Have Enough Monitors

Working on the average laptop is like working on a desk that's as big as a sheet of paper. That's why all our "files" are half an inch high. The key to productivity and immersion is more, bigger screens - hence the proliferation of external monitors, secondary reading devices and even mobile phones with improbably large screens.

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