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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My take on Climate Change

I am a climate change agnostic. Why am I not a believer? I will explain.

Those who would want me to believe have skipped a crucial step: Educating me. Convincing me. Showing me. They seem to assume that I should simply take their word for it, no need to show their work. Sorry. That's not how I do things.

I am willing to be educated, shown, convinced. I have no predisposition toward disbelief. But whenever I ask a layman-believer why they believe in man-made climate change, they invariably scoff and say, "Everyone knows it's true!" That's not good enough for me, and in any case, that statement is demonstrably false. I'm someone, and I don't know it's true. Many scientists are someones too, and they don't know that it's true.

Another problem I have with the climate change movement is its hysterical tone. I don't respond well to panic. If I were in a crowded movie theater and someone yelled "Fire!", I would not be among those blindly climbing over seats and getting trampled. I would be the one looking for the best and safest way out.

A further problem I have with the climate change proponents is their cynical misuse to data in an effort to incite the world to action. When they attribute every disaster to climate change, then I am the one scoffing.

So folks, my simple request is, show me your work if you expect me to be converted, Okay? Okay.

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Unknown said...

I found these series of videos very helpful when trying to understand anthropogenic climate change.

mentioned here if you don't take my word for it that there any good.

most importantly these videos are fair and show the shortcomings of both climate proponents and skeptics. He doesn't treat you like an idiot.