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Friday, August 20, 2010

The cloud flexes its muscle

Clouds are wispy, ephemeral things, until you get inside one. The digital cloud sounds wispy and soft too, but its awesome power has already been felt on Android phones. That amazingly accurate and speedy voice recognition isn't being processed by your phone's CPU, but by the powerhouses in the cloud.

Google steps it up again with this:

Technology Review - 8.20.10 by Tom Simonite

From Amazon's product recommendations to Pandora's ability to find us new songs we like, the smartest Web services around rely on machine learning--algorithms that enable software to learn how to respond with a degree of intelligence to new information or events.

Now Google has launched a service that could bring such smarts to many more apps. Google Prediction API provides a simple way for developers to create software that learns how to handle incoming data. For example, the Google-hosted algorithms could be trained to sort e-mails into categories for "complaints" and "praise" using a dataset that provides many examples of both kinds. Future e-mails could then be screened by software using that API, and handled accordingly.

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Anonymous said...

Which business model do you think will work? Those that offer free access or those that offer free to premium (freemiums)?
Microsoft should be getting worried about Google’s free stuff: