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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Primal Pages - Semantic web builds pages around your thoughts

VentureBeat - 6.22.10 by Anthony Ha

We’ve seen a lot of startups using semantic technology, usually to improve Web search. Peter Sweeney, founder and co-president of a company called Primal, said he’s taking a different approach from the rest of the semantic crowd: “We’re focused less on annotating content, and more on expressing the thoughts and intentions of individual consumers.”

If that sounds a little vague, things should get a little clearer with Primal’s just-announced service, Primal Pages. Like other semantic companies, Primal tries to understand the actual meaning of a user’s commands, and with Pages it tries to create a webpage that contains the exact information you’re looking for. When you search for something on a service like Google, especially if you’re doing serious research, you probably find what you want in bits and pieces — a paragraph from a Wikipedia article, another paragraph from a research paper, an image from Flickr, and so on.

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