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Friday, June 04, 2010

Man/Machine Transistor Devised

Discovery News - 6.2.10 by Eric Bland

By embedding a nano-sized transistor inside a cell-like membrane, scientists link humans and machines more intimately than ever.

An artist’s representation of a new transistor that's contained within a cell-like membrane. In the core of the device is a silicon nanowire (grey), covered with a lipid bilayer (blue). Man and machine can now be linked more intimately than ever, according to a new article in the journal ACS Nano Letters. Scientists have embedded a nano-sized transistor inside a cell-like membrane and powered it using the cell's own fuel. Scott Dougherty, LLNL.

The research could lead to new types of man-machine interactions where embedded devices could relay information about the inner workings of disease-related proteins inside the cell membrane, and eventually lead to new ways to read, and even influence, brain or nerve cells.

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