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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Robots in the wild

NYT - 3.29.10 (by Nick Bilton)

Yuriko Nakao/Reuters - A robot named Robovie-II moves around a grocery store during an assisted shopping experiment. This happy little robot greets shoppers at the entrance of a grocery store and then follows them while holding a grocery basket. It can also remind people of items on a shopping list.

I’ve always wanted a robot. I often fantasized as a child about my own personal robot that could carry my backpack to school for me or stay up late and help me with my homework.

Robots haven’t advanced that far — yet. But they still can do amazing things. Below, you can see a selection of robots currently “in the wild” or in research labs. There’s everything from the Okonomiyaki robot, which makes pancakes, to everyday robots that build cars or help the military on the battlefield.

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