Documenting the Coming Singularity

Sunday, October 11, 2009

There must be, oh, 11 ways to avoid a bad Singularity

h+ - 10.7.2009 (by Ben Goertzel)

1. Human-enforced fascism
This one is fairly obvious. A sufficiently powerful dictatorship could prevent ongoing technological development, thus averting a negative Singularity. This is a case of a "very bad outcome" that prevents an "extremely bad outcome."

2. "Friendly" AGI fascism
One "problem" with human-enforced fascism is that it tends to get overthrown eventually. Perhaps sufficiently powerful technology in the hands of the enforcers can avert this, but it's not obvious, because often fascist states collapse due to conflicts among those at the top. A "Guardian" AGI system with intelligence, say, 3x human level -- and a stable goal system and architecture -- might be able to better enforce a stable social order than human beings.

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