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Friday, August 14, 2009

SD Card lovers, rejoice! 64-gigabytes and more on the way

Editor's Note: We take so much for granted, not the least of which is the burgeoning amount of digital storage at our disposal on tiny slivers of silicon. Just a bit of historical perspective might set us straight and allow our jaws to drop in wonder. Hard drive capacity timeline.

NYT - August 13, 2009, by Rick Fairlie

Good news for all you memory hogs out there: Toshiba has announced the world’s largest SD memory card, a 64-gigabyte card that employs the new SDXC (XC for extended capacity) memory standard. The bad news? Your existing digital camera or camcorder won’t read the card format out of the box.

More bad news: The high-capacity memory card won’t hit the store shelves until next spring.

Toshiba said the new SDXC format would support memory card capacities of up to a whopping 2 terabytes. Pricing for the 64-gigabyte card will depend on market prices for flash memory in the spring, according to the company.

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