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Friday, August 28, 2009

Quantum secrets soon available for the masses

Technology Review - August 28, 2009, by Duncan Graham-Rowe

Light box: id Quantique's Cerberis quantum key distribution system (bottom) with two link encryption units (above) is now widely available over dark fiber networks. Credit: id Quantique.

A new partnership will make quantum cryptography more widely available.

Quantum cryptography could finally hit the mainstream thanks to a deal that will allow customers to adopt the technology without having to install dedicated optical fibers.

Quantum cryptography--a means of keeping secrets safe by using light particles to help scramble data--has been commercially available for several years. But the technology has only been practical for governmental or large private-sector organizations that can afford to have their own point-to-point optical fiber that the technology requires. But under the new deal, struck between Siemens IT Solutions and Services in the Netherlands and Geneva, Switzerland-based id Quantique, any organizations or individuals wanting state-of-the-art data security will be able to buy the complete package of quantum cryptography and cable.

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