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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Augmented reality apps hit iPhone

NYT - August 27, 2009, by Marshall Kirkpatrick

First Paris Metro, then Yelp, now London Buses. The newest is even selling database layers through in-app purchase.

It's been widely reported that the API required to display Augmented Reality (AR) layers of data on top of the camera view of a non-jailbroken iPhone 3Gs would not be publicly exposed until the launch of the next version of the iPhone Operating System, expected this Fall. Many developers are patiently waiting, but some have now found a way around the restriction. We just received word of the 3rd AR-enabled app hitting the iTunes store.

Earlier this week we reported on Paris Metro Subway as apparently the first AR-enabled app to be accepted into iTunes. Then, this afternoon Robert Scoble discovered that the new Yelp app includes an AR easter egg that any 3Gs owner can turn on by shaking their phone. Now we've received an email from Presselite, the same company that made Paris Metro Subway, letting us know that its London Bus app has been updated to include AR overlays and is also live in the App Store.

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