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Monday, June 22, 2009

Helping the Internet think faster - New technology enables high-speed data transfer

Editor's note: Signal speed is a significant factor in a brain's intelligence. Consciousness is a function of the rapidity of communication between networks of neurons. This being said, cannot increases in date transfer speeds between computer networks be seen as a harbinger, or prerequisite, of consciousness and intelligence springing forth from the ether? - June 18, 2009

GridFTP, a protocol developed by researchers at Argonne National Laboratory, has been used to transfer unprecedented amounts of data over the Department of Energy's (DOE) Energy Sciences Network (ESnet), which provides a reliable, high-performance communications infrastructure to facilitate large-scale, collaborative science endeavors.

The Argonne-developed system proved key to enabling research groups at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee and the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center in California to move large data sets between the facilities at a rate of 200 megabytes per second.

"The data tsunami problem has been a major bottleneck to scientific advancement," said Raj Kettimuthu, technical lead and technology coordinator of the GridFTP project at Argonne. "With GridFTP computational scientists can analyze their simulated and derived data in real time."

The deployment of GridFTP at the two computing facilities is part of a major project to optimize wide-area network data transfers between sites hosting DOE leadership-class computers.

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