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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Be afraid - 8 robots that terrify us

MSNBC - By Winda Benedetti

Don’t be fooled by their calm demeanor and seemingly cool remove from the petty emotions that plague humanity, robots are filled with an unspeakable rage and they are, at this very moment, plotting to bring humanity to its poorly-designed knees.

Oh sure, scientists would have us believe that mankind’s mechanical marvels want nothing more than to serve and obey their fleshy masters. But don’t listen to scientists. Listen to Hollywood. They know.

Take the movie “Terminator Salvation,” which opens in theaters this week. This is just the latest entry in a film franchise that has tried, for more than two decades, to make the truth known. That is: Robots are eeeeevil and they’re hell-bent on taking over the earth ... starting with California (yeah, we’re on to you Schwarzenegger).

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