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Friday, April 03, 2009

If you can't beat it, put it inside you - Putting Everything on a Mobile Network

NYT - April 2, 2009, by Matt Richtel

There’s a theme emerging here in Las Vegas at the CTIA conference: Add mobile data capability to absolutely everything, including video cameras and the human body.

That quasi-science-fiction notion is being tossed around at the show by mainstream companies like Qualcomm and AT&T. At a lunch for the press and industry analysts on Thursday, AT&T discussed its new “emerging devices” division, which is working on wireless applications for consumer electronics devices, including game machines, electronic book readers and video and still cameras.

Glenn Lurie, president of the division, said that his group was talking to a whole range of device makers — from garage start-ups to billion-dollar companies — along with the major retailers. The business models for these devices are still developing, but Mr. Lurie said that, for example, camera owners might pay each time they send a video from the device over AT&T’s network.

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