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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Local company to receive grant for wearable supercomputer - December 10, 2008, by Vince Zito

Device would be used for military, other purposes

A Bloomington-based company, MNB Technologies Inc., is in the process of developing a supercomputer with the capacity of 10 to 12 desktop computers in a gadget the size of a notebook.

The company announced that the Department of Defense has awarded them an $85,000 grant to further its development of the wearable supercomputer.

The wireless computer is strapped to a soldier’s belt and is viewed through a high-definition, head-mounted monitor that looks like a tennis visor.

“We have a head-mounted display, HMD, when wearing it gives you the same feeling as if you are sitting six feet away from a 54-inch monitor,” said Nick Granny of MNB Technologies.

The grant awarded to the company will allow them to reduce the size and weight of the device to that of a common paperback book.

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