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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

LG develops cell phone chip for fast downloads

MSNBC - December 9, 2008
(Photo: A model shows LG Electronics Inc.'s long-term evolution (LTE) modem chips at LG Electronics Mobile Communication Technology Research Lab in Anyang, South Korea.)

Download speed is eight times that of the current fastest mobile phones.

ANYANG, South Korea - LG Electronics Inc. claimed a step forward in the commercialization of the next generation of Internet capable handsets, demonstrating a modem chip with a download speed eight times that of the fastest mobile phones currently on the market.

The South Korean company unveiled the chip, created for a technology standard known as Long-Term Evolution, or LTE, at a research lab in Anyang, just outside Seoul, on Tuesday.

The so-called fourth generation technology, still under development, is vying with the rival WiMax standard to usher in super-fast Web browsing and downloads over mobile phones and other wireless devices.

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