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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fill 'er up with... bone - Injectable artificial bone developed

Cosmos - December 11, 2008, by Jake Goldenfein
(Photo credit: Regentec)

SYDNEY: Artificial 'injectable bone' that flows like toothpaste, and hardens in the body, has been invented by British scientists.

This new regenerative medicine technology provides a scaffold for the formation of blood vessels and bone tissue, and can also deliver stem cells directly to the site of bone repair, say the researchers.

"Injectable bone is the first delivery system for stem cells and growth factors that forms a material with the strength of a bone," said Robin Quirk, a pharmacist and co-founder of RegenTec – the University of Nottingham, In England, spin-off company commercialising the technology.

No more surgery

Quirk said he hopes that injectable bone might one day reduce or eliminate the need for bone-grafts to repair skeletal defects and fractures – which often require painful invasive surgery.

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