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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Robots to be more intelligent than humans in 40 years - August 22, 2008 by Gareth Beavis

Intel has had a little chat about the future of the computing and robotics at the recent IDF event, and has come out with some alarming facts.

The firm predicts in just over 40 years machines may have the reasoning power of humans, though stopped short of saying they will become our masters and we will be forced to do their bidding.

"The industry has taken much greater strides than anyone ever imagined 40 years ago," said Justin Rattner, CTO of Intel said.

"There is speculation that we may be approaching an inflection point where the rate of technology advancements is accelerating at an exponential rate, and machines could even overtake humans in their ability to reason, in the not so distant future."

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