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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memory Miniaturization - 256G Flash!

How easily we slip into taking profundities for granted. Looking into the purchase of a 4G micro secure digital (SD) drive for my smart phone. Ho hum, right?

Hold up, though. Let me think for a nano-second about this. My first computer entered my life not that long ago (1993). If I try really hard, I might be able to recall its specs. The hard drive was, I believe, 20Mb in size. Only 15 years later, I can buy a drive with 200-times the capacity and is only as big as my thumbnail.

Now here's some interesting news: "CNET site ZDNet Korea reports that Samsung announced the development of a 2.5-inch, 256GB solid state drive (SSD) at the fifth annual Samsung Mobile Solution Forum in Taipei, Taiwan."

Can you not read the writing on the solid-state wall? Technological advance is accelerating!

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StephUF said...

So what should I buy?