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Monday, August 13, 2007

The Modern Battle Space Will Soon Get More Interesting

As modern battle spaces becomes more and more populated with non-human combatants, we can expect them to look like nothing we have ever seen before. DARPA has unveiled multiple bots of war at DARPATech 2007.

There's Big Dog, the four-legged robotic jogger from Boston Dynamics.

Big Dog Robot

There's Little Dog, a much smaller bot that will probably be most useful as a means of improving Big Dog, since data from Little God and its environment can be easily scaled up.

Little Dog

And on to the flying bots. This one is called MAV, short for the creativity-lacking name, Micro Air Vehicle. This one is supposed to be so easy to fly that a caveman could do it. It's a 16-pound UAV that takes off and lands vertically, can hover in place, and can monitor a 10-km radius.

Micro Air Vehicle

Are you beginning to get the picture? Stay tuned.

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herself said...

MAV sounds cool, I'd like to see her in action.

bmahfood said...

Me too! I wish these kinds of things got more publicity.