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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Smart Clothes

What are smart clothes? Smart clothes, at least in this context, are clothes that have wireless technology incorporated into its fabrics so that all manner of devices can connect wirelessly to devices worn by other people.

A report today on ScienceDaily describes how medical monitoring devices have been integrated into smart clothes so that a person's respiration and body temp can be monitored from afar in real time. Isn't this called telemetry?

Even though the article is about medical uses for the technology, I happen to get more excited about other applications. Not too far into the future we will be seeing immense data streams moving wirelessly, through our clothes, from person to person and entity to entity. Think of the possibilities! Stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...


As open access points are becoming more and more common, either from unlocked routers or intent, I'm getting more and more hungry for things like this. As it is now, I'm already starting to hook more and more things into my pda as I'm able to both have more connected to a network, and find myself connectable more often. There's so much this could do. Even aside from the ideas of monitoring heart rate while running and having the system ready to contact ems if needed, imagine if your clothing could just make note of your tempreture and hand that information off to other systems which would hten adjust your home temperature for maximum comfort after you get back from the exertion. Or get a shower going in advance if it looks like you're covered in sweat. Even a device to monitor the pulse for sleep pattern recognition would be fantastic.