Documenting the Coming Singularity

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Mental Control of Mechanical Systems: It Has Arrived!

I am very excited to post about this new technology. Two different tech companies have independently developed systems that allow humans to control not only computer systems, but robots as well.

Neurosky recently demonstrated a cost effective bio sensor and signal processing system for the consumer market (see video). It is eerie to watch the participant learn to manipulate objects on the computer screen. As one would imagine, the controller must learn to focus enough attention to an object, then use certain thought patterns to either pull it or levitate it.

OLogic is another firm that has coupled the above technology with its robotics knowledge to allow users to control virtually any mechanical system using their mind.

If you watch the video, listen for the last comment from the announcer; I found his mentioning of the accelerating pace of tech development to be one of the first times a reporter has noticed the phenomenon behind the Singularity.

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Bob Mottram said...

This looks like fun, but they're not controlling the movement of objects in much detail. To be more useful for controlling robots the system would probably need to be able to pick up signals from the motor cortex.