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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Learning How to Walk Uphill: Neural Loops

One of the most memorable times in any parent's life is when their child first learns to walk. One parent will hold the toddler upright while the other stands a few feet away with arms extended in encouragement. Baby steps, then a diaper-cushioned fall. Didn't quite make it. Try again. Baby gets almost all the way there. Try again. Success! Clapping hands and hugs all around.

What a marvelous thing is our brain, to be able to learn such a difficult process. We go on from there to the most anxiety-laden time in any parent's life: When their child first learns to drive. But learn they do, forming new neuronal connections as they go. Like riding a never forget how to do it. You add skill upon skill, understanding upon understanding. Amazing.

Now, let's apply that power to machines. Add some neuronal loops to the analysis circuitry, and you get this...the robot learns how to walk up a ramp. Remind you of anything?

[via Think Artificial]

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