Documenting the Coming Singularity

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

How the Brain Works: Jeff Hawkins

Understanding how the human brain works is part and parcel of technological singularity. Strong AI, building computer substrates that can accept and run a human mind, augmenting the human brain with implantable computer chips, all these things require a deep and detailed understanding of how the brain works.

Jeff Hawkins, in this video, delivers a fascinating explanation of his overarching theory of the brain:
To date, there hasn't been an overarching theory of how the human brain really works, Jeff Hawkins argues in this compelling talk. That's because we still haven't defined intelligence accurately. But one thing's for sure, he says: The brain isn't like a powerful computer processor. It's more like a memory system that records everything we experience and helps us predict, intelligently, what will happen next. Bringing this new brain science to computer devices will enable powerful new applications -- and it will happen sooner than you think.
You will thoroughly enjoy this 20-minute talk.

Via Cheesobacillus furiosus

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