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Thursday, February 15, 2007

RSS Feeds: What they Are and How they Work

By 12:52 PM
You've probably seen this orange button before. I've got one prominently displayed in the sidebar of my blog. But what is it? Clicking on the button on my sidebar will take you to a page where you choose which RSS Feed Reader you prefer to use. There are many different readers to choose from. Let's say you choose Google. Click on the Google button and you'll be taken to the Google Reader page. From now on, the Google Reader page will have a link in the sidebar to the most recent posts on my blog.

A simpler way to subscribe is to click on the "Click here to Subscribe by Email" text at the top right of my blog. You'll enter your email address, and every morning you'll get an email with my most recent post.

Who should subscribe? Everybody! Seriously, if you enjoyed your first visit to my blog, you should subscribe so you won't miss any of my fantastic content. Many people misunderstand, when they read the word "Subscribe," they think of something that you have to pay for. In this case, the word has no such meaning. Subscribing to my blog keeps you informed and costs you nothing.

So now you know. A final word...subscriptions mean regular readers, so obviously I want as many people to subscribe as I can get. So go ahead and click that orange button on my sidebar. You'll be glad you did!