Documenting the Coming Singularity

Friday, February 02, 2007

My Name is Barry, and I am a Technophile

What is it about technology, specifically computer technology, that so bewitches me? My first experience with a computer was incredibly frustrating (it was an IBM running DOS), since I hadn't the slightest idea how to do anything with it, but it was also, somewhat mysteriously, enchanting. (You may be wondering what could possibly have gotten me started down this idiotic road of reminiscence. I happen to be waiting, at this very moment, for the installation of the final shipping version of Office 2007 Ultimate to finish, almost like a soon-to-be father waiting for the birth of his first child. It's sick! The progress bar is moving so slowly that I'm not sure if it is moving at all. So I started thinking about my pathological doe-eyed enthrallment with computers. So now you know.)

Anyway, without meaning to be sexist in any way, I have observed that men are generally more in love with computers than are women. Do you find it so? Not all men, certainly, but men seem to enjoy the company of a computer more than that of other humans, whereas women treat computers as if they were an annoying chore and a completely intolerable waste of valuable human-to-human time.

If these observations are indicative of a real phenomenon, and not just a stupid generalization on my part, then the question is begged: Why? What is it in our circuitry that makes us prey to the siren call of other circuitry?

If you have an answer, please share it! I'd really like to know. I'm sorry that I have to go now, but my installation/baby needs my attention.