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Monday, February 12, 2007

Good News! Video Games are now Good For Your Kids!

By 12:46 PM
That's an exaggeration, I grant you, of what the data show in a new study soon to be published in the journal Psychological Science. But it is kind of funny how things that are literally reviled and condemned by the safety and health police eventually turn out to have some healthful properties. Let's consider a few of these horrible-to-helpful products, shall we? Red wine, or any wine, once possessing absolutely no redeeming features whatsoever, now helps prevent heart disease (only the red variety, apparently). Coffee, the poison taken gladly every day by billions, now helps prevent prostate cancer. Eggs? Kill you in a heartbeat! Now, not so much. Now we can add video games to the list. We've heard from the experts that they will turn your kids into killers and zombies, not to mention infuse them with a predilection for grand theft auto on a massive scale. Well, apparently they will still do those things, but, in addition, they will give your kids better eyesight! So they can shoot people from farther away. So, in the end, it's all good.