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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Come On. Get Happy. Now!

By 1:35 PM
Everyone suffers from the blues now and then. (Hey, I think Neil Diamond had a song about that.) I'm not talking about serious depression, because my suggestions aren't meant to help with that, at least not in the long term. (For that you should see your doctor.) But when it comes to a touch of the blahs, you can do something about that. Some suggestions:
  1. Get a bit of light exercise. Nothing too strenuous, just a half hour of some activity that gets you moving. It could be a leisurely walk. Or some gardening. A bike ride. Anything that gets your muscles working for 30 minutes can put some endorphins into your bloodstream, and endorphins make you feel good. Or, the exercise could kill you, and then you wouldn't feel sad anymore.
  2. Give a friend a call on the phone, just to say hi and to find out how they're doing. Think about how you can make their day just a bit sunnier. As often happens when we set out to encourage someone else, we end up feeling better ourselves. Alternatively, you could tell them how much you dislike them, making them miserable, in which case you might feel better by comparison.
  3. Find a simple way to help someone. Do you know someone who's been going through a tough time? Get them a nice card, or bring them a casserole (if you can't cook, pick something up at the store, heat it up and deliver it). Again, helping others is good for the soul. Or, go and ask them to loan you some money. I always feel better when I have money.
  4. Read a good book. You might want to read something light and distracting. Or you might enjoy learning something new. Learning interesting things you never knew can provide a mental boost. You do know how to read, don't you?
  5. Complete an unpleasant task that you've been putting off. Getting that nagging issue resolved can relieve stress and take a load off your mind, plus you will feel better for having accomplished something. Finally.
These 5 things aren't anything profound, but sometimes we need to be reminded how simple it can be to beat the blahs. And if none of that works, move to Florida. So get happy. Now!