Documenting the Coming Singularity

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Self-Publishing Made Easy

We live in a brave new world my friends (see yesterday's article), a world in which genetically engineered cows give more milk and are immune to mad cow disease, computer processors are multiplying their cores like frisky rabbits, and you can easily publish your book yourself. Isn't that nifty? (That's my new favorite word.) Many of us see ourselves as authors, but the extreme difficulty of breaking into the big publishing houses' good graces (seems like you have to be a celebrity to get a book published by these guys nowadays), makes our dreams seem unattainable. Things are changing, however.

There are now more and more companies who will help you publish your book yourself. Two in particular look pretty good. They will help you with your layout, marketing and sales, and will produce your book only when someone buys it, so there's no up-front cost to you. Visit and to find out more.

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