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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Dear Heaven, it’s (Almost) 2007!

There comes a time of year when the number of the year seems outdated and you wonder why it’s still around. For me, that happens around the end of summer, Labor Day or thereabouts. 2006 is passé! Off with its head! When the next year actually deigns to arrive, it has already lost its shine, its cachet. So it has come about that 2007 no longer seems novel, even though we’re not even there yet. Kind of sad, really. But there’s something we can do to make 2007 feel special when it gets here. We can all pretend that we’re surprised, and act all, Wow, you’re here already?! Sure didn’t expect you so soon, dude! OK? I think it would mean a lot.

What’s 2007 going to bring with it? There’ll be Vista, so there’s that. Stuff will probably happen with North Korea and Iran, lots of U.N. hive-mind activity there. Iraq, well, we all wish we could just forget about that. So let’s. (That was easy.) But what will 2007 bring for you and me? There will be stuff that’s beyond our control, yes, certainly. But there will be a lot that is within our power to bring about. We won’t get into anything so defunct and overused as “New Year’s Resolutions,” and may God save us from anything called a “mission statement.” No, we’ll stay away from such things, and instead fix our metaphorical sights on what we will choose to bring into being in 2007. Here is my list.

  1. Thousands of people (ah, that would be you) will subscribe (costs you nothing!) to my blogs and visit them at least once daily.
  2. These thousands will find great tips, inspiration and insight, not to mention amusement, in my blogs.
  3. My children will continue to grow and develop into wonderful human beings.
  4. My spouse and I will grow to love each other even more than we do now.
  5. We (you and I) will grow and prosper together.

I leave you with this wish for the year to come…

May your hand be outstretched to all you meet.
And may all men say 'Brother' when they speak of you.
May the land be fertile beneath your feet.
May your days be gentle as the sun-kissed dew.

(Please feel free to share your list, if you have one, by commenting on this post.)

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