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Saturday, December 09, 2006

7 kids' health myths every mom should ignore

By 11:35 AM
Everybody's an MD when it comes to our kids' health. We know what we know. But where did the information come from? Many of the things we "know" about dealing with our childrens' health issues are what's called "conventional wisdom," ideas that have been passed on through generations until they are accepted as facts. It pays to examine some of our most cherished beliefs. does this in an article with the above title. Here's a sampling:

When it comes to colds, flu, stomach bugs, and ear infections, everyone has a theory. Some have been passed down through generations, or are based on outdated science. A few just seem like common sense. But whatever their origin, many just aren't true. The facts behind these myths:

Feed a cold, starve a fever

The truth: This centuries-old saying, popularized by Mark Twain, simply isn't so. All sick kids (and adults) -- whether they've got a cold, fever, or both -- need nutrients and liquids to get better, says Leigh Ann Greavu, a dietitian in St. Paul, Minnesota. If your child doesn't feel like eating solids, then chicken noodle soup, juice, and even ice cream are good alternatives.